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Get your favorite gourmet groceries at Zov's General Store! Items available with purchase of any family meal or takeout order.

Food Items

32 Ounce Marinara Sauce $12.95
12 Ounce Caper Vinaigrette Salad Dressing $8.95
12 Ounce Balsamic Vinaigrette $8.95
Jasmine Rice Pilaf for 4 $12.95
Seasonal Vegetables for 4 $15.95
32 Ounce Soup of the Day $16.95
16 Ounce Hummus and Pita Bread $12.95
16 Ounce Lebni $12.95
Pita Bread $2 per pack


Linguini Dry Pasta (1lb) $2
Penne Dry Pasta (1lb) $2
Jasmine Rice Pilaf (2lb) $4
All Purpose Flour (2lb) $2
Avocado $2.50 each
Idaho Potato $1 each
Milk 2% Half Gallon (Rockview) $3.50
Eggs Large AA 15 Each $6.50
Romain Lettuce $1.75
Unsalted Butter (1lb) $3.50
Roma Tomato (4 each) $2

Non Grocery

Bleach One Gallon $3
Toilet Paper-2 Ply $2 per roll
Paper Towels-85 per roll $3 per roll


Daou Cabernet Sauvignon $25
Ferrari Carano Chardonnay $20
Justin Cabernet $25
Patz and Hall Pinot Noir $34
Talbott Pinot Noir “Kali Hart” $25
Raymond Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon $34


El Jimador Silver Tequila $30
Titos Vodka $30

*We ask that you please order only what you need so we can provide for as many of our neighbors and friends as possible. Thank you