Zov’s Best Culinary Creations with Wild Mushrooms!


Primitive, ancient, exotic, delicate, and earthy. What could be better on the eve of autumn than their heady, woodsy scent, and their satisfyingly toothsome texture. Mushrooms are one of my all time favorite go-to ingredients whenever I want to create an elegant dinner. And there are so many varieties of mushrooms to play with! We have creamy oysters, the intense shiitakes, pungent porcini, the bold chanterelles, delicate crimini, and the beautiful and playful morels… The list goes on and on!

Mushrooms have a distinct “meaty” taste and add delicious flavor and texture to any dish. A sauté of wild mushrooms takes only few minutes to prepare. In a hot pan add oil, sliced mushrooms and minced shallots, garlic, and chopped fresh herbs and spoon over fluffy scrambled eggs or a sliver of toasted French bread for an instant mouth-watering feast. Grilled or broiled meat, fish, or chicken topped with generous serving of sautéed wild mushrooms will make your taste buds dance in pure delight! Used alone or in combination with white button mushrooms or many other varieties, cooked shiitakes add a wonderful, intense flavor to soups, pasta, sauces, stir-fries, salads, and many other dishes. When shopping for shiitakes, choose ones with caps that are firm and slightly spongy to the touch. Usually the stems are too fibrous to eat and must be removed. Join me in preparing a true ode to fungi with their versatile glory.

Try this delicious pappardelle noodles pasta tossed with the most amazing deep, rich mushroom sauce. If you have never had fresh porcini, they are a revelation, but they can be hard to find. Look for them at a gourmet grocery or mails order them. This recipe I guarantee will be in your repertoire for the years to come.

Ingredients for pasta

Shiitake and Crimini Mushrooms

Cooked Papparadelle Pasta

The sauce is simmering and reducing in the skillet

Final stages of the sauce by adding chopped Italian parsley

Ready to be tossed and served

Final Presentaion in a pasta bowl. ENJOY!!!


From my kitchen to yours

Bon Appetit!!!